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The Ann Arbor Society for Musical Arts which sponsors the collegiate Young Artist Competition is celebrating 50 years of presenting concerts and supporting young musicians through two music competitions in Ann Arbor.

When members of the Ann Arbor Alumni Chapter of Mu Phi Epsilon decided to purchase a Steinway grand piano for use for concerts at the Women’s City Club [now known as the Ann Arbor City Club], they enlisted the support of Alumni members of Sigma Alpha Iota (SAI) to assist in the project.

Quoting from a history of Society for Musical Arts (SMA) written in 1981: “Both fraternities contributed, as did several ‘Angels,’ to the cost of the beautiful Steinway piano, and at the spring annual luncheon (1964), the piano was formally presented to the Women’s City Club.”

“Joseph Banowitz brilliantly initiated the piano at a large, formal and private party in the spring of 1964. The following fall, Barbara Holmquist played for the first morning musical. Carol Leybourn Kenney was program chairman and cajoled some special musicians to play as well.”

“Lottie Hutzel, with her business acumen, was the first SMA Treasurer. Her organizational ability was a tremendous help in these early years. As a result the SMA was able to give their first scholarship at the end of two years. Jeffrey Hollander was the recipient.”

Young Artist Competition Winners

1965 — Jeffrey Hollander, piano
1966 — Jeffrey Hollander, piano

—Thus is recounted the beginning of the history of the Ann Arbor Society for Musical Arts, formed in 1964 by Mu Phi Epsilon and Sigma Alpha Iota alumnae.

Blu Lounge  -  May 7
Grohmann -  May 31